Monday, December 15, 2008

Life is about choices

GRATEFULNESS is the word that is lingering in my mind. I am grateful for the life I have now, to be able to work towards a better life that will benefit others. This feeling has a lot to do with the choice I made to embark in a business few would raise their eye-brow on..yes.. Multi-Level Marketing or direct selling they call it. Thank you Kak Liza for sharing with me about this opportunity which I will cherish the rest of my life..Thank you Allah for granting me the wisdom to choose this path which I can compound on who I will become as a human being and to work with the most professional leaders in the industry. Thank you Yong Yong for the continuous guidance when time seems impossible. My sincere gratitude to Mdm Lee Poh Eng for being the inspiration that life is to be lived and to be lived well and also about giving to others. Thank you Ibu, Ayah, Salleh, Othman, Syarif and Amani for the belief you had though in the early days all of you were the source of challenge but now all of you are the spark that makes me believe even more that our lives will be even better along this journey. My thanks also goes to friends who are constantly supportive and encouraging too many to name but you all are always in my heart..

The reason why I chose to write this as my first blog to publish is because of the recent events where I encounter friends old and new expressing fear and frustration about life and what they foresee happening in the future.
Some are planning to quit their job due to management pressure even to the extend they accept the fact they would be jobless after that.

I cannot be selfish by not sharing what I have in hand=) Accepting my offer or not is another matter which I would in future rattle on. I will continue sharing and sharpen my skills in conducting my biz and offering according to needs. I am grateful again because I have a choice..either I make it happen or make it happen..true or true=P